Safe, ecological, inexpensive!

Sustainability is a topic that has occupied us since our foundation. That is why our solutions are not only made from renewable raw materials, but can also be easily reintroduced into the material cycle. The sustainable packaging concepts from FRESH!PACKING bring the following advantages:

Advantages for the sender

  • Up to 7,680 l cold storage volume on a Euro pallet – the thin and flexible FRESH!POUCH make it possible and thus reduce your logistics and storage costs
  • The flexible FRESH!POUCH adapts to the items to be cooled and thus reduce the space to be cooled to a minimum – you need less coolant
  • FRESH!POUCH have a shock-absorbing effect – no additional padding material is necessary
  • Ecological insulation: FRESH!BOX and FRESH!POUCH can simply be returned to the recycling cycle via the paper bin

Benefits for the recipient

  • Reception of fresh and safely chilled goods
  • The FRESH!Box makes it possible to send refrigerated, frozen and dry products in one box – 1 box instead of 3
  • Easy disposal of FRESH!Box and FRESH!POUCH completely in the paper bin – no separation into different waste fractions necessary
  • Low disposal volume – no overflowing waste containers